Reflections on an Outreachy internship

Career Pathways

The purpose of this post is to discuss my intended career pathway and the opportunities I’d like to seek after the conclusion of my Outreachy internship. The last day of my Outreachy internship coincides with the date my graduate school application is due to Portland State University, so it’s an interesting time for me. I’mContinue reading “Career Pathways”

Everybody Struggles!

The theme for this week’s (okay last week’s, I’m a week late posting) blog post is everybody struggles. I had a task that involved making a small number of changes to a project’s Makefile, with the ultimate goal of merging the tc-testing framework into the kselftests framework. This would increase the visibility of traffic controlContinue reading “Everybody Struggles!”


Introducing myself. This is my first post as an Outreachy intern in the May – August 2020 internship round. For those new to Outreachy, it is a remote internship that supports diversity in tech. Outreachy interns work in Free and Open Source Software communities (FOSS). If you want to read more, link here.I will beContinue reading “Introduction”

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